I Want to Serve My Association.....

From the Nominating Committee of HAR


The purpose of the HomeTown Association of REALTORS®, Inc. is to serve its members in identifying needs, developing, promoting, and providing programs and services to enhance the members freedom and ability to conduct their individual businesses successfully, with integrity and competency, and through collective action, to promote the extension and preservation of the right to own, transfer and use real property.


The Mission of the HomeTown Association of REALTORS® is to enhance the ability and opportunity of its members to conduct business successfully and ethically and to promote the public’s right to own, transfer and use real property.

A progressive forward thinking Association, positioning it’s members for success in their profession.

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Association Leadership Positions on Board of Directors – Director Nominees

The Association wants to be clear that the Director Nominees understand the level of commitment and expectations of its Board of Director Members.

The Following are the Association Leadership Positions respectively…

1.    Our Directors are expected to Manage Their Time in their personal and business schedules in order to attend the regular Board of Directors meeting in full and adhere to the Associations strict Meeting Attendance Policies.

2.    Our Directors maybe/will be Assigned and/or Prescribed other Duties relevant to the Association’s Governance and may include: Task Force appointments, Committee/Task Force Liaison responsibilities/positions, attendance at various Local, State or National REALTOR® events/meetings and other Duties that may be prescribed by the Association President and/or the Board of Directors.

3.    Our Directors will Sign and agree to abide by the Association Policy Statements.

4.    Our Directors must Lead within the provisions of our Association Governance Documents.

5.    Our Directors will maintain strict Confidence on the content of all meetings where Association business is discussed or inferred.

6.    Our Directors will remember that when serving the Board of Directors of the Association, that it is only with full and complete consideration for the good of our Membership as a whole, and is therefore separate from their respective businesses, Brokerages, Franchises and other outside influences or considerations.

7.    Our Directors are expected to speak with one voice outside the confines of Association business meetings, and will therefore defer answering/responding to questions/inquiries (from the Membership, the public and the media), to the Association Executive Staff and/or President for review and /or response.

8.    Our Directors must remember that once installed, they represent the brand, image and values of our Association and must hold themselves to that higher standard at all times.