SafeShowing A Member Benefit for Members of the Association

I am the Founder of SafeShowings and as a REALTOR® in Charleston, SC, I experienced a situation that made me fear for my personal safety early in my career. I found there were no apps that did what I wanted in terms of proactive safety, so I created my own; SafeShowings! My mission is to deter criminal behavior against real estate professionals, homeowners, and clients.

Many real estate professionals fear for their safety when they enter a property alone with a stranger. The goal of the SafeShowings app is to provide the tools that could save lives, while keeping people and properties safe. Real estate professionals and their loved ones feel more secure knowing that SafeShowings will automatically notify emergency contacts with identifying details and geolocation in an emergency.  Please watch this presentation above to learn more about SafeShowings, how it works, why it is different, and why it was created.

SafeShowings is the first real estate safety solution of its kind in a simple-to-use app. It captures a facial image, in real time, of someone with whom a REALTOR® is about to enter a property. If the REALTOR® is unable to end a showing or listing appointment, it sends the image of the potential perpetrator as well as geolocation to emergency contacts.  

Since its launch in the Apple Store and Google Play in April 2020, SafeShowings is now providing access for its SafeShowings mobile safety app to nearly a half million people.

According to the National Institute of Justice, “The certainty of being caught is a vastly more powerful deterrent than the punishment for the crime.” SafeShowings is the first proactive tool designed to deter crimes against real estate professionals. In addition to securely recording a facial image, other features include: open house safety, emergency alert, GPS location tracking, and more. Research demonstrates that this approach is the best possible way to deter criminal behavior because the number one way to avoid being a victim is to let the criminal know they will be caught.


Helen Hudson

CEO & Founder